The web is full of Zig Ziglar quotes on closing techniques. He wrote “Secret of Closing the Sale” in 1982 and it went on to become one of the best sales books of all times. Throughout the book, Zigler demonstrates several techniques for closing the sale. If you want to learn sales closing techniques, there is no better place than this book. In this post, we highlight five of our favourite Zig Zigler quotes.

  1. There are five basic reasons people will not buy from you – no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, and no trust.
  2. Use several trial closes throughout your sales presentation.
  3. If you are using fewer than six closes on a call, you are not giving your prospect a square deal.
  4. The best way to get a prospect to make a favourable new decision is to make him happy with an old decision.
  5. Closing should be the logical conclusion to your selling activities.

#5 on the list is actually one of Zigler’s favorite quotes. You can buy the book from Amazon.