High Demand SKU Planning

Awesome Inc. just launched the new product K53 – the super seller in the market.

SKU Planning

The inventory is really tight for deliveries this week. The regional manager needs to plan equitable distribution of inventory to make sure 1. There is no loss of sale 2. There is minimum inventory left by the end of the holiday week.

The manager needs to quickly poll all the retail outlets in the territory – in this example it is 30 to get the inventory count. This will be a key input for the request to the corporate office.

Earlier, the Regional Manager would have sent them all a text message or on WhatsApp. All users would have responded over time and the Manager would have taken time to compile the report.

Now, the ability to quickly query the team is available in Infogeon. The Manager sent out a “Pulse Check” to the team. The answers were quickly in place – within a few minutes all of them had responded.

The sales got optimised that weekend and team had major success with the K53 SKU.