Retail Operations

Imagine a Cafe chain that has a set of 75 stores across the state. How does the backend team easily build formats to be deployed in the stores to track the operational discipline? Earlier, they would have had to initiate an expensive software development process.

Retail Audit

Just imagine a large computer brand. In a country like India, large computer brands will have over 1000 stores - spread over 600 cities. Store Auditors visit the stores to collect critical information - information that will ensure that the Customer Experience is uniform across the stores.

Sales Daily Reporting

Daily Sales Report Daily sales report in typical retail scenario consists of getting: 1. SKU wise or series wise sales data 2. Total volume of sales achieved for the day for the given SKU 3. Information of competition sales details

Customer Feedback Form

A credit card company wants to capture feedback of the Sales Person’s interaction with the customers in a retail outlet. They want to understand different dimensions of the interaction.

Event Forms: Health care scenario

Product launches in the health care industry is driven by small format events that are conducted in multiple cities across the country.

High Demand SKU Planning

Awesome Inc. just launched the new product K53 - the super seller in the market. The inventory is really tight for deliveries this week. The regional manager needs to plan equitable distribution of inventory to make sure 1. There is no loss of sale 2. There is minimum inventory left by the end of the holiday week.