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How to Use SPIN Selling Technique to Sell More

SPIN Selling is a sales technique developed by Neil Rackham on the basis of data collected from 35,000 sales calls over 12 years. His book, SPIN Selling, went on to become a best seller. The system focuses on four types of questions which, when asked in sequence, dramatically increase the likelihood of closing a sale. […]

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5 Zig Zigler Quotes That Will Help You in Closing the Sale

The web is full of Zig Ziglar quotes on closing techniques. He wrote “Secret of Closing the Sale” in 1982 and it went on to become one of the best sales books of all times. Throughout the book, Zigler demonstrates several techniques for closing the sale. If you want to learn sales closing techniques, there […]

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5 Sales Books Every Sales Person Should Read

There are hundreds of good sales books out there. But some are classic because they have stood the test of time and helped thousands of sales persons around the world. The best sales books focus on teaching core sales techniques and that is why they are so popular. While we could list 20, even 50, […]

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