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5 Sales Tips from Sandler Training

Good sales people love to learn new sales tips that help them sell more.

Sandler Training is one of the best known sales training companies in the world. It was set up in 1967 by David Sandler and is currently led by Dave Mattson. The Sandler Selling System, as the program is called, focuses on asking […]

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Expert Tips from 18 Sales Leaders for Improving Sales Productivity

Improving sales productivity is right at the top of the list for sales leaders. In fact, the best sales people are always looking for ways to improve their productivity.

Last year, interviewed 18 experts to get their best tips on improving sales productivity.  The experts included the likes of Jim Keenan, Colleen Francis, Alen Mayer […]

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5 Sales Tips to Grab Your Prospect’s Attention

Our attention spans are getting shorter – it is now a mere 8 according to a study by Microsoft. Although it is not really a surprise given the constant barrage of electronic messages, it does make life harder for sales folks who are trying to grab the attention of buyers. Buyers are overburdened with emails, […]

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